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steve forbes 2010 predictions

nice ron paul shout out:

End the Fed–by Ron Paul (Grand Central Publishing, $21.99). When it comes to money, the mainstream media like to portray Congressman Ron Paul (R–Texas) as a gadfly. Let Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke enjoy his Time-ly accolades, because history will judge that Paul had it right when it came to the Fed and its often misbegotten monetary policies.

Paul has aroused the fear and ire of the Federal Reserve with his bill calling for the Government


Accountability Office to audit the Fed. This tenacious Congressman makes the point that independence should not be confused with a lack of accountability. One doesn’t have to agree with Paul’s ultimate conclusion that the Fed should be done away with to realize that this powerful institution is a kingdom unto itself. The Fed can bring about depressions (many historians agree with Milton Friedman’s belief that the Fed was the chief cause of the Great Depression), horrific periods of inflation, as it caused in the 1970s, as well as the current economic crisis, which the Fed fueled with its excessive easing of monetary policy several years ago. Without the excess liquidity, the housing bubble could never have happened. Yet Congress exercises no oversight of the Fed. In fact, no one outside the Fed has the right to examine to whom it lends money or the agreements it makes with other central banks around the world.


steve forbes good background on hank paulson hearing today

forbes quote: paulson “worst treasury secretary in history!”


us treasury bonds to become junk bonds?

key takeaway here is that this would have sounded crazy 1 year ago but all bets are off now…we’ve already added $1 trillion+ to “keep banks lending”..but just read the cnbc headlines “fed may need more bank injections to avoid collapse”….peter schiff and ron paul called this at the onset –> This isn’t a $700 billion bailout…its an unlimited bailout, destined to have some impact on inflation + china & the rest of the world might think twice about propping this up.


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