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is chris brown trying to come back like kobe?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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blog fail

check out the comments section exchange here…this is why real estate blogs should stick to talking real estate….

so sad, too young to go

  • The destruction that child molestation causes in peoples lives effects generations and numerous family members. I look so very forward to the truth that WILL now come out.

    As usual the media, and even you, make no mention of the death of Farrah Fawcett on the same day. That is a true tragedy. Jackson’s death came quick. Farrah’s was a far more painful struggle and much more worthy of sympathy.

  • fillmore

    ray is unfortunately correct.

  • Ray, please don’t piss on my grief. What I feel is real…respect that here please.

  • Sorry you felt I “pissed on your grief”. Not sure why you got that impression. It appears we have very different opinions of Michael Jackson. I also enjoyed his music.

    I grieve over the 4 more U.S. soldiers that died today in Iraq. Try and watch this rebroadcast tomorrow night of the struggle and legacy Farrah Fawcett left us. I hope it will ease your grief from the passing of Michael.

  • I have many memories attached to when the Jackson Five songs were playing on the radio. I can remember watching their cartoon TV show on Saturday morning. I remember playing ‘Charlie’s Angels’ after school. I am so shocked and sad. They were both so young.

  • Ray,

    Just say you are sorry and stop it. This is a blog…you want the news, go to CNN. This is my personal feeling today. Your personal feelings on OTHER topics belong on your own blog.

    I wouldn’t have posted this because it was “news”…I posted it because I was very moved. You seem to be moved by other things today…do that by commenting around the internet on posts on those topics.

    Will you ever learn to be on topic? I know you are a nice guy, I just wish you would get a little wiser on what “a blog” is and how to conduct yourself on them.

    I only said FOUR WORDS which are indisbutable and posted it because it is of concern to ME. How can you argue with that?

    If I just told you my Mother died, would you tell me to be more concerned about other things?

    Seriously…this is important to me. That point is not up for argument or discussion. If you can’t say something nice on topic, then just read and leave this post alone!

    I am moved to tears and am profoundly affected and so I blogged it…

  • Ardell, I’m very sorry about your loss.

    “Your personal feelings on OTHER topics belong on your own blog.”

    I’m not allowed to express MY personal feelings on a blog? Why not?

    Not sure why you see everything I write is a “rip” against you. Its a shame we cannot read “tone”. Bringing up the death of your mother as a comparison is way out of line.

    When I saw your title “Michael is gone”. I wrote what popped in my head. Again, sorry for attempting to convey my opinion.

  • Ray,

    My Father died many years ago in pretty much the same manner as Michael. They worked on him for almost the same amount of time with similar results. So the reference to my Mom is NOT out of line, for me. When I posted this, Michael’s death had not even been reported yet by CNN…it was fresh and painful.

    Also, being Italian, the day a man dies is a profound day for me. A day to respect and remember all the good things of his life, from the time he was a small boy. It is a time to pray for his weaknesses and herald his strengths. Death is a whole life passing…

    I can clearly see your perspective, being a nurse, regarding the long suffering. Please try to see mine. There are few deaths that impact me like family, and Michael is one of them. Frank Sinatra’s death was simlar for me. Even Mario Lanza’s death, though I was quite young, still saddens me.

    Reactions to death are involuntary, especially extreme ones. The connections we make internally often defy explanation.

    The World mourns today, and will for days to come. Those who can’t join the sentiment should at least bow their heads and repect the grief of others.

    I see the small boy he once was, I see a talent that only God can bestow, I see the pain of a man who had huge conflicts when he looked at “the man in the mirror” and I feel it all with a heaviness of heart that goes from my head to my toe. I don’t know why. I just do.

    While your reaction I’m sure is also an honest one, it is also like spitting on and stamping on a man’s obituary, and the grief of those who mourn him.

    It is not about his death…it is about his life. I will not be surprised if those who feel most strongly today, are ones who may have lied about him for monetary gain. Maybe not…but I leave that door open as I am not his judge. I remain in awe of his enormous talent and how much it impacted the lives of many, many people.

  • I’m always glad to see Ardell’s admirable writing talents get away (once in a while) from the mechanics of the business of Real Estate buying and selling. JG

  • Oh man. I’ve never seen that vid/performance before. Wow. That’s amazing talent. He worked that stage. Poor man. Tortured. Too bad he really couldn’t enjoy his talent and celebrity and success.

  • To the guys up at the top: MJ and Farrah’s deaths are two diffent events. ARDELL was writing on MJ. She didn’t confuse the two, why should you?

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