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ally bank the new gmac (aka general motors) bank?

i’ve been seeing these ally bank ads carpet bombing the internet the last 3 months…i’ve wondered who has this kind of money to throw down on an ad campaign like this….sure enough ally bank is the rebranded face of GMAC bank, which is the financing wing of General Motors, which is now owned by the US Government…so Gov’ment subsidies are driving this ad buy..similar to every GM ad you see.

that said, the website seems pretty user-friendly…so they’ve got that going for them.


government motors

just saw this ad on



ralph nader on gov’t-industrial complex GM bailout

just a prelude of the central planning to come????

excerpt: 4) Why is the task force permitting GM to increase manufacturing overseas for export back into the U.S.? Under the GM reorganization plan, the company will rely increasingly on overseas plants to make cars for sale in the U.S., with cars made in low-wage countries like Mexico rising from 15% to 23% of GM sales here. For the first time, GM plans to export cars from China to the U.S. in what is a harbinger of the company’s future business model. What is the conceivable rationale for permitting GM to increase manufacturing overseas — especially in dictatorships, for export back into the U.S. — when preserving jobs and industry is the avowed goal of this immense taxpayer bailout?

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