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us backing georgian gov’t no matter what..

crazy that the media has only focused on russia invading georgia. the whole conflict kicked-off with georgia bombing a bunch of buildings….here we go…us arms georgia..georgia starts war…we back georgia…haven’t we already done this already?

excerpt from article below:

LONDON (Reuters) – Georgia made a strategic miscalculation in trying to rapidly overrun South Ossetia, and as a result has probably lost the region for good, regional analysts say.


While Russian-backed separatists in the breakaway Georgian region helped provoke Georgia into action, it was the belief that its troops could secure a lightning victory that underpinned Georgia’s decision to attack.


“The Georgians rolled the dice and they lost,” said Michael Denison, an expert in Russian and Eurasian affairs at Chatham House, a London-based security think tank.


here’s a video from a american being interviewed on some sort of russian tv station.


oliver stone’s w trailer

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